Coaches and Intructors

Organize Camps and Coaching

Everything you need to run a camp in one place. Accessible from anywhere. Participants, flying slots, flying times, waiting lists and so much more.

We’ve been  organizing camps for years. 

Take advantage of the knowledge gathered. We had all the troubles you have and tried to get the best out of it
Organize Members
Keep track of all people who want to fly and their special needs. Invite people to your camp and let them signup on their own. If you dont like that manage the time requests and keep people informed.
Flying slots
Keep track of your booked flyingslots and all the changes. Send Booking requests to the tunnels or book directly (only available on selected tunnels)
Keep everyone updated. Stay in touch with messaging. Flyers will be updated on changes in their flying schedule. Flying times are available from anywhere.
Plan flying
Organize all flying slots. Respect special needs. Automatic planning will try to package all members / requests in the time slots you've booked.

You are the camp organizer?

If you organize camps for a coach dont be afraid! You will still be doing that. Our app won't replace but assist you. You can do everything in a better way. Provide more information for your flyers and save time. Beside coaches every event can have organizers who can manage all requests for the coach.
If you organize camps for a coach dont be afraid you will still be doing that our app wont replace you. But you can do it in a better way. Provide more information for your flyers and save time. Beside coaches every event can have organizers who can manage all requests for the coach.

Problems we can help to solve. 

Huge camp, huge number of participants. But be honest, sometimes one client is enough trouble
Keep track of requests
Your camp is full? Awesome!! we will keep track of your waiting list.
Collect money
Well because of tax reasons we can not do this for you but our app can track the amounts and let you know who has to pay what. How much tunnel how much coaching or both. If you don't like this info stored you can drop it after the camp was finished.
Keep track of your hours
How many hours have i been flying in this tunnel? Some systems report this in a nice way others don't. Keep track of your accounts in one system. The app will keep all reservations for you.
Stay in touch
Stay in touch with your previous customers. Invite all people from the last camp? Last training? Just one click and its done. No need to search for email lists or old Facebook messages.

Try it for free

We kow that you all run on a tight budget but so do we. So we thought that its a good way to meet in the middle. You will be able to use all our services for free for your first camps to give it a try and see how much time you can save. After that we will introduce a pay per use model so if you use that app you just pay for what you used and nothing else. We are still figuring out the exact pricing. If you want to spend budget now we will add it as a credit to your account without any risk for you. If the price will be lower at the end you will get more hours (plus a early bird bonus) if the price is higher you will still get the hours bought without any questions asked.


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Available Options

The tool will be available for everyone to use for free. However we will charge you a subscription for advanced options that will make your live and flying much easier.



  • Find public Camps
  • Subscribe to Camps
  • See your camps
  • Stay updated on your flights

Pay per hour

Coach Edition

  • Build for Tunnel Coaches
  • Organize your Camps
  • Communicate with Clients
  • Communicate with Tunnels
  • Organize Flights
  • Keep track of changes
  • Keep track of payments
  • Reporting
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