Windtunnel operators

You love a fully booked Tunnel?

Camps are the foundation of a working proflyer community in your tunnel. Usually they come with a small amount of chaos and a huge amount of work / changes. Handle this changes without micromanaging your camp organizers. Moreover we add organized Groups, team trainings, Huck jams to our planning options which allows people to find each other in an easy way

Benefits for the windtunnel

Our app is the perfect add-on for you and your clients.

Allow them to get organized and save cost on phone calls and follow up questions

Easy Workflow
Reservation requests are done from the app and will end up in your system (if supported) or in your email account. Confirm / reject the request with one click. Save time for you and your client.
Reduce mistakes
The data is handled by us in a very easy and unique way. No camp plan on excel or even napkins (yes we know them all), no typing mistakes. Less emails equals less work for you.
Promote Events
Special Event? Huck Jam? Promote it in your fully specialized target group. No facebook no other ads no distraction.
Promote Specials
Christmas Special? Easy. Allow people to start the purchase from within the app and finish in your own online store. We`ve got an affiliate system up and running for that.


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Present your tunnel in our app

Your clients in the app

Want it now?

Well we are working hard but we are not there yet. Subscribe to our newsletter for tunnel owners to keep updated.
If you want to support us you do so by buying bulk licenses that you can hand out to your favorite clients afterwards. The license keys will be applied to their accounts and will receive an early access bonus.

Want to be a part of it?

We are looking for active investors who can supply money, marketing resources, programming resources all of these things. The app itself is ready it helped to organize about 120h of Camps in 2019 and 2020 already. However, we need to make it foolproof to have it ready for a bigger audience. This takes way more time and resources than we planned.
  • Sale New
    Tunnel Package 100 yearly subscriptions
    2.520,00 1.890,00
  • Sale New
    Tunnel Package 50 yearly subscriptions
    1.260,00 1.008,00

Available Options

This is a draft. We are working on a cooperation model that will provide a huge benefit for all stakeholders. Tunnels, flyers and our app.



  • Show up in the app
  • Description of location
  • Offered Services
  • Link

Pay per hour

Coach Edition

  • Build for Tunnel Coaches
  • Organize your Camps
  • Communicate with Clients
  • Communicate with Tunnels
  • Organize Flights
  • Keep track of changes
  • Keep track of payments
  • Reporting
Contact Info

DI Christoph Langer
+43 676 7242342

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