Flying is hard so is keeping track of your progress. We will help with that. Joining Camps was never that easy.
Stay private

No Facebook no Insta, just flyers. To participate you need an invitation. This tool is for indoor and outdoor flyers only.


Stay in touch with your buddies. Meet for private trainings, huck jams, camps or a beer at the tunnel.


Get invited to camps, competitions, huckjams around you. Learn, Train, find new coaches, there are more than you think.


Keep track about your progress, your flights, the friends, teams and coaches you were flying with.

We organize camps and other tunnel events for years and put all our knowledge in a pice of software

Signup for flying
Signing up for a camp is just one click away. No emails, no facebook messages, no complicated workflow. Just sign up and select how much you want to fly on what day.
Special requests
I will be there wednes day after 4pm - add the request when you select your flying dates and the coach will know when he is planning the camp or training
Keep informed about everything that happens in your camp or training. From "we start later" to "lets have beer after flying at this place" its all in. Push notifications will make sure that you never miss a thing.
Never miss a thing
Keep informed about new Events of your favorite coach has never been that easy.

How will it work?

No worries, there will be a free version of the app which will allow you to stay in touch and participate in all camps that are organized from within. Just Install the app and check it out. We will make sure that you can test all the features before you decide if you go with the premium version or keep the basic one.

Support us

If you want to jump in right away you can support us by buying a membership right away. The membership or money (whatever is worth more) will be added to your account once we are online. You will receive a bonus for signing up early.

Stay up to date

You can signup to our Newsletter and get latest news about the Status of our app.


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Available Options

The tool will be available for everyone to use for free. However we will charge you a subscription for advanced options that will make your live and flying much easier.



  • Find public Camps
  • Subscribe to Camps
  • See your camps
  • Stay updated on your flights

Pay per hour

Coach Edition

  • Build for Tunnel Coaches
  • Organize your Camps
  • Communicate with Clients
  • Communicate with Tunnels
  • Organize Flights
  • Keep track of changes
  • Keep track of payments
  • Reporting
Contact Info

DI Christoph Langer
+43 676 7242342

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