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Current status

We are working hard to finish our app. The first stage will allow all tunnel camp organizers to do their work even better than before. If you want to keep updated about the status of our current development feel free to sign up on our newsletter
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We organize camps for years and put all our knowledge in a pice of software

Organize Members
Keep track of all people who want to fly and their special needs. People can subscribe on their own or, if the organizer does not like that, will be managed by him.
Flying slots
Keep track of your bookings and all the changes. Send Booking requests to the tunnels or book directly (only available on selected tunnels)
Keep people updated about all changes. Stay in touch with messaging. People will see their flying times the second you scheduled their flights
Plan flying
Organize all flying slots. Keep track of time requests and booked times. If you want the easy option automatic planning will try to solve the problem for you and do the flying schedule


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Available Options

The tool will be available for everyone to use for free. However we will charge you a subscription for advanced options that will make your live and flying much easier.



  • Find public Camps
  • Subscribe to Camps
  • See your camps
  • Stay updated on your flights

Pay per hour

Coach Edition

  • Build for Tunnel Coaches
  • Organize your Camps
  • Communicate with Clients
  • Communicate with Tunnels
  • Organize Flights
  • Keep track of changes
  • Keep track of payments
  • Reporting
Contact Info

DI Christoph Langer
+43 676 7242342

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